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Open and Accountable Government

The culture of corruption is running rampant throughout Washington. We must restore faith in people's hearts and minds by putting an end to the scandals, cronyism, mismanagement, and out of control spending. The good people of Delaware deserve leadership they can trust and be proud to call their own. More...


National Security and the Iraq War

Real security doesn't rely solely on military strength but also strong diplomatic alliances and intelligent foreign policy. We need a comprehensive plan that will win the war on terror, protect our homeland security, and end the war in Iraq as soon as possible while honoring the sacrifices made by our troops and their families. More...


Clean Energy and Protecting Our Environment

Taking the necessary steps in pursuit of alternative energy solutions, such as wind energy, that create energy independence not only allows America to reduce our dependency on foreign oil but also protects both our environment and economy by creating new jobs for American workers and decreasing the financial burden on Delaware families. More...


Affordable and Quality Health Care

No one should have to make the choice between their health, taking their child to a doctor, paying blls, and putting food on the table. It is unnacceptable that 50 million Americans lack health insurance and many more are underinsured. Quality health care coverage should be available, reliable and affordable for everyone. More...


Equality and Opportunity for Women

Despite the strides made in Women's rights and equality, there are many issues - from the economic glass ceiling to the sticky floor of poverty - we must address in order to reach the equality and opportunity women deserve. We must strengthen equal pay laws, support women-owned businesses and stand firm on a woman's right to make the most personal of life decisions. More...


Jobs and Economic Prosperity

Runaway spending and fiscal irresponsibility in Congress has created the largest deficit in America's history. By setting clear priorities and adhering to strict fiscal discipline, we can balance the budget and pay down the national debt so we can meet our current obligations and limit the burden placed on future generations. More...


Protection of Our Children

We need leadership that will fight for our children. From lobbying for legislation strengthening punishment for sex offenders to her work as the Executive Director of a national non-profit children's rights organization, Karen has continuously backed legislation that puts protecting our children as a top priority. More...


Increased Educational Opportunity

Our children are our most precious resource and we must ensure they have a safe environment in which they can learn and grow to their full potential. By providing every child with a strong foundation of education, we can expand the opportunities available to them for years to come. More...


Effective Immigration Reform

We need comprehensive immigration reform that is tough, fair and practical. Building a consensus on effective immigration reform will be difficult, but by working across party lines we can craft legislation that not only makes steps in the right direction, but makes great strides for the future of our country. More...

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