Getting to Know Karen Hartley-Nagle

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    Karen Hartley-Nagle has a strong heritage of public service and dedication to her community. A direct descendant of an original signer of the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights, she's adopted the passion, respect, and courageous vision that was present in the hearts of our country's founders. Her drive to bring a voice to all citizens can be seen in her advocacy on behalf of children, her work to pass family-friendly legislation, and her commitment to open and accountable government. Karen's efforts have earned her the reputation of a strong vocal leader who puts the interests of children, families and her community above that of special interests and partisan bickering. She will bring that same unwavering spirit and common sense leadership to Congress. She will work tirelessly to stand up for what truly matters to the people of Delaware - not just offering a lot of grandiose talk and political posturing.

    Commitment to Community

    Karen spent much of her childhood with her parents on the Delaware Bay. Her fond memories of the people and community where she spent her summers as a child eventually brought her permanently to Delaware in 1990.

     Karen with her children Brittany,

     T.J., Cameron and Katheryn

    She is the proud mother of one son and three daughters; Brittany, T.J., Cameron and Katheryn, ages 18, 12, 10 and 9. Karen studied Art and Design, Human Services and Elementary Education from the Moore College of Art, Delaware Technical and Community College and the Wilmington University.

    Commitment to Service

    Karen was raised with the belief that if you live in this great country of ours, you have an obligation to serve it. A direct descendent of George Clymer, an original signer of the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights, Karen has a deep seated belief that we all have a responsibility to those who have sacrificed to protect our rights, freedoms and liberties.

    Karen has put those beliefs to the test by actively participating in our government to make sure voices from across Delaware are heard. Her work includes lobbying for legislation to increase the safety and wellbeing of our children. Her unwavering commitment to standing up for the rights of citizens and holding elected leaders accountable drove her to serve on the board of the non-partisan Common Cause and the Delaware Coalition for Open Government. Karen has been recognized for her work organizing public citizen forums on governmental issues and leading the fight to win a groundbreaking court ruling that broadened public access to information and increased accountability in Delaware's government and judicial systems.

    Commitment to Providing a Voice

    As a mother whose family survived domestic violence and abuse, Karen's life journey has given her the first-hand understanding and compassion for children and families who faced the same struggles. Learning from her personal experience as a mother protecting her children and overcoming the barriers of the family court system, Karen is an advocate for children's rights by speaking out to decrease abuse, neglect and family violence in Delaware and across the nation.

    Her mission to fight child molestation led to her strong push for legislation, such as Jessica's Law, that protects our children and strengthens punishment for sex offenders. Serving as the Executive Director of The Nagle Foundation, a national non-profit organization with offices in Wilmington and Dover, Karen has continuously backed legislation that promotes children's rights, strengthens sex-offender laws, and calls for more protections from abusive parents in family court.

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    Karen Hartley-Nagle will bring competence, progressive values, and common sense solutions to Congress.

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