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    Democratic Party Congressional Candidate Karen Hartley-Nagle Asks Mike Castle to Reveal Individual and PAC Donors From the Financial Services Industry

    September 24, 2024 · Wilmington, DE · Democratic candidate for Congress Karen Hartley-Nagle is asking Congressman Mike Castle to list the individual and PAC donors from the financial services industry who have contributed to his campaigns. In a statement issued by her campaign, Hartley-Nagle said, "Each day it is becoming clear to more and more Americans that the no holds barred rules for the financial industry are over. Wall Street won. Main Street lost. Unfortunately, most Americans live on Main Street and now have to worry about keeping their homes, jobs, health care and futures intact while Wall Street speculators stand by and wait for their golden parachutes. We need to change the rules so that the people of Delaware, along with our fellow Americans, benefit from investments in our economy and our futures. It is time to regulate the financial services industry that has made their own rules for so long."

    "As we sort through Mike Castle's campaign reports, our campaign has found a pattern of contributions from the Financial Services industry that is alarming. From the time he entered Congress in 1992 through the end of 2024, Mike Castle received $2,238,071.00 from PACs representing big business; $1,052,211.00 (nearly 50%) of that money came from PACs representing the Finance and Insurance industries. From the beginning of 2024 until September 2 of this year, Mike Castle has raised more than $1.5 million for the 2024 election. Over $425,000 of that money comes from the financial services sector. We are still trying to determine how many individuals from the financial services sector have given contributions to Mike Castle in addition to their PACs. The easiest thing is for Mike Castle to specifically list financial services PACs and individuals who have contributed to his campaigns and release the information so Delawareans know who is at the table with him when he is casting his votes. We need to know if Mike Castle has the courage to say 'no' to his financial benefactors after saying 'yes' for the last sixteen years.  I don't think he can but Delawareans can vote to have their voices and needs known in Congress. They can vote for Karen Hartley-Nagle, who will put their interests first."

    Karen Hartley-Nagle won the Democratic nomination for Delaware's only seat in Congress in the September 9th Primary Election with 55% of the vote in a record turnout.


    Karen Hartley-Nagle
    Democratic Candidate for Congress
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