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    Endorsements for Karen Hartley-Nagle for Congress

    September 26, 2024 · Wilmington, DE · Karen Hartley-Nagle announces that the following organizations and individuals have endorsed her candidacy for the United States Congress.

    Democratic Committees

    5th District Democratic Committee
    8th District Democratic Committee
    9th District Democratic Committee
    16th District Democratic Committee
    18th District Democratic Committee
    21st District Democratic Committee
    23rd District Democratic Committee
    27th District Democratic Committee
    35th District Democratic Committee

    Elected Officials

    The Honorable State Senator Patricia M. Blevins, Majority Whip
    State Senator Margaret Rose Henry
    State Senator Hazel Plant
    State Representative Helene M. Keeley; Minority Whip
    State Representative Dennis P. Williams
    City of Wilmington Councilman Theodore Gregory
    City of Wilmington Councilwoman Loretta Walsh
    City of Wilmington Councilman Charles Potter, Jr.
    City of Wilmington Councilman Samuel Prado
    City of Wilmington City Councilman Kevin F. Kelley, Sr.
    New Castle County Councilman William E. Powers, Jr.
    New Castle County Councilman John J. Cartier
    New Castle County Sheriff Mike Walsh


    Delaware State AFL-CIO
    (IBT) International Brotherhood of Teamsters
    (LIUNA) Laborers International Union of North America, Local 199
    (UA) United Association of Plumbing & Pipefitting, Local 74
    (AFSCME) American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees
    (GCIU) Graphic Communications Union
    (UA) Road Sprinkler Fitters
    (ILA) International Longshoremen's Association
    (CBTU) Coalition of Black Trade Unionists
    Young Democrats Movement

    Personal Endorsements

    Harriet Smith Windsor - Secretary of State
    Jack Markell - State Treasurer & Candidate for Governor
    John Carney - Lt. Governor of Delaware
    Charles Potter - City Council District #1
    Kevin Kelly - City Council District #6
    George Smiley - County Council District #7

    Democratic Party Leaders
    Jim Paoli - NCC Chair
    Abby Betts - Kent County Chair
    Tom Chapman - Sussex County Chair
    Dennis Williams - 1st District City Chair
    Jim Hussey - 19th District Chair
    Pat Ewing - 35th District Chair & Sussex Recording Secretary
    Karen Chapman - 39th District Chair & Sussex Treasurer
    Chris Calio - 40th District Chair
    Don Ward - 41st District Chair

    Vicky Kane
    Mike Miller
    Scott Wilkins
    Mike and Brenda Irwin, The Training Academy



    Karen Hartley-Nagle
    Democratic Candidate for Congress
    (302) 465-1365


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