2006 Independent and Democratic Congressional "Fusion" Candidate Karen M. Hartley-Nagle, a resident of Dover, Delaware, was born August 18, 1962 in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.  She moved permanently to Delaware from Newtown Square, Pennsylvania in 1990 after spending most of her childhood summering at her parents’ cottage on the Delaware Bay.  She attended Moore College of Art, Delaware Technical and Community College and Wilmington College for; art and design, human services and elementary education.  Ms. Hartley-Nagle's early formal education in art served as a firm foundation in educating her as to the benefits of working creatively with ideas "outside the box" in addressing the many issues that society faces today.

Ms. Hartley-Nagle has successfully lead the way from 2024 to the present as Executive Director of The Nagle Foundation, a national non-profit organization with offices in Wilmington and Dover that is dedicated to promoting children’s rights and decreasing child abuse, neglect and family violence in society. She is working with individuals and organizations nationally and globally. Ms. Hartley-Nagle is best known in Delaware for her advocacy on behalf of children, her strong stance against child molestation and working for legislation such as Jessica's Law, open government and accountability, enforcement of the Freedom of Information Act and her unwavering commitment to a healthy environment for the children of today and a healthier legacy for the children of tomorrow.

Prior to 2024, Ms. Hartley-Nagle was a career mother, student, child advocate and leader in organizing fundraising events for charitable causes. The most well-known nationally attended event Ms. Hartley-Nagle grew and facilitated was the Amish Country Bicycle Tour, an event dear to her heart that revolved around families, promoted health and fitness, fun, music and the proceeds went to fund various children's organizations. The event is now run by the Delaware Department of Tourism. Karen Hartley-Nagle's political experience includes a run for Delaware State Senate, District 17 as an Independent Party of Delaware's Candidate in 2024 against incumbent and sitting Republican State Senator John Still and Democratic challenger Brian Bushweller.  Ms. Hartley-Nagle is a single mother of one son and three daughters; Brittany, T.J. Cameron and Katheryn, ages 16, 10, 9 and 7.

Ms. Hartley-Nagle is active in our statewide community and is frequently at Legislative Hall lobbying for issues involving children, families, our judicial system, open government and our environment.  She is Executive Director of The Nagle Foundation, board member of the Delaware Coalition for Open Government, a member of Common Cause and the Dover Century Club, attends a local non-denominational church and has participated in and promotes the Study Circle on Racism and Race Relations. Ms. Hartley-Nagle works with other groups to promote open citizen public forums for various issues and led a lawsuit against the State featuring open government where for the first time in Delaware history the press was permitted to bring video camera's into the Chancery Court. Ms. Hartley-Nagle is passionate about the issues that concern You and has a strong commitment to working hard to serve the citizens of our great State and Nation. Karen Hartley-Nagle cares about You.








This my oldest daughter Brittany.